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Creating a dialogue about what it’s like to be a new teacher.

The Rookie Teacher

The Lounge Podcast

rookie-logo-podcastThe Lounge is a podcast brought to you by Natasha and Andrew, co-founders of TheRookieTeacher.ca.  Visit our blog to download the podcast and join the discussion.

Welcome to our podcast landing page.

We are teachers in our first few years of our careers. We’re here not to give all the answers, we don’t have them. Instead we are trying to create a dialogue and discussion about what it’s like to be a newer teacher and expand our experiences. We believe in the pursuit of life long learning, a message we try to instill in our students as well as ourselves.

We are always looking for ideas, feedback, tips and tricks of the trade. Please comment below if you have any other tips that we can help share across cyberspace.

If you are interested in submitting a topic or you would like to join us for an episode, contact us at info@TheRookieTeacher.ca.

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  1. Episode 14: Ask a Rookie (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake with Sarah Lowes, Special Guest: Allison Dyjach) [March 2014.]
  2. Episode 15: Rookie Recommends (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake) [April 2014.]
  3. Episode 16: Practicum (hosts: Natasha Dunn, Andrew Blake, Allison Dyjach) [September 2014.]



  1. Episode 1: Teaching & Summer Camp (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake) [November 8, 2011.]
  2. Episode 2: To Survive & To Thrive (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake) [November 20, 2011.]
  3. Episode 3: Résumes & Interviews (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake) [December 4, 2011.]
  4. Episode 4: Professional Development (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake) [December 22, 2011.]
  5. Episode 5: BEd Alternatives (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake, Special Guests: Rebecca Jess & Rob Kempson) [January 16, 2012.]
  6. Episode 6: Occasional Teacher Mini-Series: The Supply Teacher (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake) [February 5, 2012.]
  7. Episode 7: Occasional Teacher Mini-Series: Planning/Prep Coverage (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake) [February 19, 2012.]
  8. Episode 8: Summer Break and Pinterest (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake) [July 16, 2012.]
  9. Episode 9: Long Range Planning (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake, Special Guest: Lisa Dabbs) [July 25, 2012.]
  10. Episode 10: Setting up a Solid Literacy Program (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake, Special Guest: Lisa Harkness) [August 17, 2012.]
  11. Episode 11: Engage Students in the Classroom (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake, Special Guest: Chantal Jackson) [September 29, 2012.]
  12. Episode 12: Teaching a Combination Class (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake) [May 2013.]
  13. Episode 13: Technology in the Classroom (hosts: Natasha Dunn & Andrew Blake) [June 2013.]
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  1. Al Greyson says:

    It doesn’t surprise me in the least to find a high-quality online resource dedicated to the creation of a broader learning community with Natasha’s name attached to it. Andrew, I don’t know you – looking forward to the pleasure some day — but if you’re a friend of Ms. Dunn I know you to be a person of exceptional character.

    Congratulations on all that you have done and continue to do, both in terms of teaching excellence and social justice. I suspect you may have a challenge looming in the near future: what filter will you use to choose the corporate sponsors who are going to want to get a piece of this?

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