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Breakfast for the Brain: Quick Tip for Tomorrow 0

Posted on February 13, 2012 by Natasha

“That’s not a word!

Of course it’s a word.
And unless I’m very much mistaken, I think it’s going to prove a
rather useful one.”

If you’ve listened to The Lounge Podcast, then you’re familiar with our segment called “Quick Tip for Tomorrow.”  This segment is dedicated to building a list of quick, simple tasks that you can do in your classroom the next day with little to no prep AND is applicable to most grade levels.

I wanted to share my most recent post from my classroom blog where I touch on Breakfast for the Brain (problem of the day, morning challenge, etc):

Friday, February 10, 2012.

Each morning when students from 5-1 arrive in the class, we take 10/15 minutes to settle in, sing O Canada, listen to morning announcements, and work on a problem of the day, called “Breakfast for the Brain.”

Today, was Musical Friday!

Because I am a musical buff – I was excited to see where this challenge would take the students.

Recently, I saw the Broadway musical, Mary Poppins…and I just knew that this song would be a PERFECT activity for students.  I developed this Breakfast for the Brain activity with the idea of a word study in mind.  Students were required to use their knowledge of letter combinations and sounds to spell out:


photo: N.Dunn

photo: N.Dunn

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