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Pause Before You Post (Jostens): The Lounge Express Episode 1: Digital Responsibility 0

Posted on July 17, 2013 by Natasha

The Lounge Express:  Teaching DIGITAL RESPONSIBILITY.  In an instant (online) world, it is our job to create a safe and respectful climate online for our students.  I think the phrase “Pause Before You Post” is fantastic.  Kids will post online, and we should be teaching them how to do it responsibly.  Just because they are behind a screen doesn’t mean they can remove their gatekeeper.


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Today while browsing my pins on Pinterest I came across this quick video from The Band Perry:

“These issues are timely and can greatly impact schools, students, educators and families and their respective online reputation. Recent high-profile cases involving abuse of the Internet have prompted many communities to encourage students to learn more about publishing personal information, particularly when they’re using social media sites. As a supporter of education and traditions, Jostens is pleased to offer an awareness program called Pause Before You Post™ that encourages students to make smart decisions when self-publishing through online social media that aids in preventing bullying online. The program also includes valuable information about cyberbullying and potential consequences of poor decision-making.” (Jostens)

More resources: 

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Online learning, Epistemology and Unemployment 0

Posted on February 03, 2012 by Sarah

Just wanted to share (again) a couple of education related articles in the news recently in case you missed them!

Reading (318/365)

Reading by Jack Amick, flickrcc.net

The Globe and Mail released “Canadian schools falling behind in online learning, report says” discussing Canada’s lack of embracement of online education technology… but is that a positive or a negative? Many of the comments are particularly interesting. Is Internet-based learning where we should be focusing our attention and resources? Perhaps schools should instead try to maintain and grow the relationships and interconnectedness the school can bring to students, teachers, parents and the community. How you respond to this discussion may depend on your epistemology, or theory of knowledge. Is knowledge something concrete that exists independently of our minds? Or is knowledge a social construction that changes throughout time?


Rows Upon Rows

Rows Upon Rows by N.Dunn

The second article may be the reality many of us Rookie Teacher’s are experiencing hi-lighting that 24 percent of new teacher graduates remain unemployed. “Teacher’s college applications plummet” through Maclean’s discusses the unprecedented capping on the number of first-year education students at 9,058. Another initiative I’ve heard being mentioned around OISE is the possibility of making teacher’s college a 2 year program. Yet the more disturbing part in the article for me was the picture chosen to display the education topic: rows of desks. Will we ever internalize the school as being something co-operative, interactive and personal?

On a different note, classes have resumed at OISE for my M.Ed. This semester I’m taking Pedagogy of Food, Co-operative Learning, and Post-structuralism and Education. I like to tweet about insights as I have them and am always looking for feedback and discussion so don’t be shy! @sarlowes


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My Brush: Apps For Education 0

Posted on December 03, 2011 by Natasha

My Brush for iPad. By effectmatrix

What a great creative app for drawing.  The coolest thing about this app is it records your drawing as a video that you can playback.

We want to hear from you.  

Please share your ideas on how you would use My Brush in the classroom.  Are you using any other iPad apps with your students?  Comment below or send us an @ reply on Twitter!

More Apps for Education:

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Announcify: Tech Apps for Accommodation 0

Posted on November 26, 2011 by Natasha
Announcify Logo

Announcify Logo

Great news…Yesterday I stumbled upon* a tool for students of all ages!
(*as seen on LifeHacker.com/5856460)

Announcify is a great little extension for Google Chrome and Android Devices and it works like this:  (a) transfers any website to a text page, (b) zooms in and highlights, (c) reads the text aloud.

<<note: While testing this extension, I ran into one problem…occasionally it will read aloud the html code from the webpage.>>

Ideas for Tomorrow

  • Announcify listening center (all you need is a laptop & some headphones)
  • Have students create websites then listen back to what they wrote
  • Upload tasks/quiz/tests for accommodation
Sounds great! …Hook me up
  1. Download Google Chrome for WIN or MAC
  2. Visit the Announcify extension on the Chrome Web Store
  3. Download and enable the Announcify productivity extension

Please share how you are using Announcify as an educational tech tool in your classroom…post a comment below.

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