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Mini Series: Teaching Overseas (1a of 4) 1

Posted on November 10, 2011 by Natasha

Teaching Overseas is something that has crossed many Rookie minds.  The end of your B.Ed year is near, and you’re thinking about going global…You’re finding that the provincial job market feels rather saturated but you’re absolutely itching to start teaching…You enjoy teaching, you enjoy travelling, so why not do both!  It is our goal that, by telling Jenn’s story, some of your questions may be answered and that your excitement for teaching abroad be affirmed.

Without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce our newest (and furthest) Rookie, Jenn Graham.

Jennifer Graham

photo: Jennifer Graham

Hiya pals! I’m Jenn and I’m rocking my rookie year across the pond. I wouldn’t change this experience for anything… except maybe the odd double double! For the next 10 months, I’m a full time teacher in an inner city, single sex Catholic secondary school in East London. The gals know me as their science, math, and phys ed teacher. After graduating from Brock’s con-ed program with a BSc, I’m totally qualified… right?! Regardless, I’m learning everyday. From structuring peer assessment effectively to learning the latest pop n’ glide steps, I’m stoked to share my experiences and welcome your feedback. Cheerio!

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