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Resumes and Interviews: The Lounge Podcast: Episode 3

Posted on December 04, 2011 by Natasha

The Lounge is a biweekly podcast brought to you by TheRookieTeacher[dot]ca.

On this episode, two RookieTeachers discuss resumés and interviews.  Being a Rookie means starting from square one.  It’s never a bad time to update your professional resume (in fact, it may not be a bad idea to constantly be keeping a record of your experience, accomplishments, and certifications).

resumés and interviews

photo: N.Dunn


Each episode features three segments:

  1. Topic Discussion
  2. Quick Tip for Tomorrow
  3. The Rookie Resource Bank

Topic: Resumés and Interviews (& a bit about portfolios too)

Quick Tip for Tomorrow: Something you could do the next day in class with little or no prep and is applicable to most grade levels.

  • Andrew: A Story Line (Art Lesson)
  • Natasha: “To Be Successful Today…” (routine, success criteria)
The Rookie Resource Bank:
Quick Shout Outs
  1. www.HiredTeacher.ca: sharing ideas and information in order to help new teachers find jobs – follow on twitter @HiredTeacher
  2. We have had request for running a #RookieTeacher chat on Twitter.  At this time we are going to hold off – but please check #NTChat (twebevent)/ NewTeacherChatWiki (hosted by Lisa Dabbs @teachingwthsoul) every Wednesday from 8:00-9:00p ET.
  3. We want to welcome all our new contributors to the table.  Watch out for blog posts and words of wisdom from: Marsha Pritchard, Sarah Lowes, Lauren Hughes, and Michelle Horst.  If you are interested in teaching overseas – keep an eye out for our special UK blogger, Jenn Graham.
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Thanks for listening. Join us for our next episode when we discuss PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT.

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