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BEd Alternatives: The Lounge Podcast: Episode 5

Posted on January 16, 2012 by Natasha

The Lounge is a biweekly podcast brought to you by TheRookieTeacher[dot]ca.

On this episode, four RookieTeachers discuss Bachelor of Education Alternatives: How are you using your BEd outside the classroom? With special guests Rebecca Jess and Rob Kempson, Natasha and Andrew investigate how Bachelor of Education graduates spend their time working outside of the classroom.  Listen in to learn how Rob manages his time between Occasional Teaching and working in the drama communities in Toronto and how Rebecca’s interest in the arts and summer camping has led her to a full time job as a Summer Camp Director.

Rob Kempson and Rebecca Jess

Guest: Rob Kempson and Rebecca Jess


Each episode features three segments:

  1. Topic Discussion
  2. Quick Tip for Tomorrow
  3. The Rookie Resource Bank

Topic: Bachelor of Education Alternatives: How are you using your BEd outside the classroom?

Quick Tip for Tomorrow: Something you could do the next day in class with little or no prep and is applicable to most grade levels.

  • Andrew: Procedural Writing using Origami
  • Rob: Super Sonic Simon Says
  • Rebecca: Grabbing Attention with Jingles (i.e., Sleep Country; Justin Bieber’s song Baby)
  • Natasha: WallWisher.com
The Rookie Resource Bank: any electronic, print, or event resource that we found helpful in our first few years of teaching.  Of course, these are all applicable to all teachers.
Quick Shout Outs
  1. Happy New Year! 2012 is going to be a great year for TheRookieTeacher.ca.  Stay tuned, we have LOTS of amazing things planned.
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Rookie Teacher Online
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Thanks again so much to our guests:

Thanks for listening. Join us for our next episode when we discuss Life as a Prep/Rotary/”drop in” Teacher: When you only have 40-60 minutes.

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5 to “BEd Alternatives: The Lounge Podcast: Episode 5”

  1. Megan Houston says:

    Hello all!

    My undergraduate degree in History & Anthropology and B.Ed. has allowed me to move easily into the position of Education and Public Programs Co-ordinator at a community museum.

    I create and execute various education programs from pre-k -post-secondary, as well as day camps and community groups.

    • Natasha says:

      On this episode Rob talks about Study Guides – does your museum create these for teachers/students?

      • Megan Houston says:

        We offer free tours for teachers and student teachers, and we can provide you with any information that you need to take back to your schools.

        I am in the process of creating Teacher Guides right now!

  2. Mary-Ann Fuduric says:

    Hi everyone! I too work outside of the traditional classroom. Currently, I am a Lead Literacy Facilitator for a local non-profit. I am responsible for all of our literacy programming which include group classes, individual tutoring, after-school programs and summer programs. I am also an Assistive Technology trainer for the same organization. I train students to use their SEA laptops and the software on them at a local school board. I have learned so much and truly enjoy what I do. Eventually, my goal is to get into a traditional classroom for a local school board. Until then, I am happy to meet new people and to learn new things along the way.

  3. Samantha King says:

    I took what turned out to be 3 years away from teaching following my B.Ed graduation. In that time, I was working in the world of educational publishing. I was on the sales and marketing side of things, and spent my days speaking with teachers and educators about classroom resources. I put to use a lot of the things I learned in Teacher’s College about balanced literacy and assessment as I helped them try to match our resources to their classroom and student needs. I was able to work with Educational Gurus like Larry Swartz, David Booth, and Kathy Lundy as well.

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