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A listening exercise to change the world

Posted on November 29, 2012 by Sarah

Okay, maybe the title is a bit ambitious haha. But I would very much appreciate you taking the time to listen to a radio program I made in my Popular Culture, Media & Education course this term at OISE.

The course examined what messages are embedded in our media that maintain power structures and marginalize the voices of many. Our assignment was to create a 10 minute radio segment voicing a story that isn’t covered in mainstream media. We must ensure that definitions of cultures are being defined by themselves and not a dominant narrative, often times the privileged white male.

This is a great exercise to bring into the classroom. Let your students tell their stories and create alternative media, whether a magazine, a video, a website, music or radio. Radio has an interesting way of telling stories allowing many people to hear it at the same time and teaming up with a community radio station is a great learning experience for students. Help them examine the messages that are being sent, why they are being sent in that way and empower them through highlighting choice. We are active recipients of media and if we don’t voice our opinions the capitalist-agenda will continue to manipulate and distort our reality.

Audacity is a great free program available for download that you can use but I made this program with Garage Band.

Please don’t hestiate to ask questions if you have any!


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3 to “A listening exercise to change the world”

  1. Ruthie Sloan says:

    I went to hear Gini Newman speak several times last year. He manages the TC2 website (critical thinking/learning) he is AWESOME and has a bunch of resources online.
    In my internship (this fall) my grade 3/4 students created documentaries and used Imovie/garage band/dropbox. It was awesome.
    If you are going to do movie editing, Apple offers free workshops for classes and gives students free memory sticks/t-shirts.
    Something to keep in mind…

    • Ruthie Sloan says:

      Oh Gini Newman is part of OISE and is typically has speaking engagements.

      • Sarah says:

        Thanks for your comments Ruthie! Thanks for letting me know about Gini-Newman. That documentary project sounds awesome and I wasn’t aware of the free Apple workshops with sutdents! Thanks again!

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